Removable Roof Weatherstrip Right Hand

About this product

The Removable Roof Weatherstrip Right Hand (#63627-47010), a key body part under the Roof Panel & Back Window Glass system, serves a crucial role in maintaining the vehicle's interior environment. It functions by creating a weatherproof seal between the removable roof and the rest of the vehicle, protecting the interior from rain, wind, and other outdoor elements. Over time, the weatherstrip might deteriorate, compromising its sealing ability. This could result in water leaks, wind noise, or even damage to the vehicle's interior. Hence, it's important to replace it periodically with a genuine Toyota part which is designed to perfectly fit and function with your vehicle. By using genuine parts, you're also safeguarded by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Ultimately, the Removable Roof Weatherstrip Right Hand (#63627-47010) contributes to the overall comfort, cleanliness, and safety of your vehicle's interior.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 63627-47010

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