Roof Rack Assembly Left Hand

About this product

The Roof Rack Assembly Left Hand (#63470-42011-A1), a crucial Body part within the Roof Panel & Back Panel system, supports load-bearing capabilities for Toyota vehicles. Strategically positioned on the roof, it accommodates extra cargo, freeing up valuable interior space. The assembly comprises crossbars and fittings, designed for compatibility with Toyota vehicles, thanks to genuine parts. If neglected, an old or damaged Roof Rack Assembly Left Hand (#63470-42011-A1) could compromise load integrity, leading to potential safety risks. However, Toyota's genuine parts warranty backs these assemblies, thus offering peace of mind. Regular inspection and timely replacement can prevent such issues, maintaining optimal functionality. In summary, the Roof Rack Assembly Left Hand (#63470-42011-A1) not only enhances cargo capacity but also contributes to the vehicle's safety by ensuring secure load placement and stability during transit.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 63470-42011-A1
Color Number 056
Color Name White

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