Sun Roof Hdlng Trim Protector Ctr #2

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The Sun Roof Hdlng Trim Protector Ctr #2 (#63338-52010), a vital body part in the Roof Headlining & Silencer Pad system, plays a substantial role in ensuring the proper function of the sunroof in your Toyota vehicle. This component plays a crucial role in safeguarding the integrity of the sunroof’s surrounding trim by preventing damage from sun exposure, debris, and continuous operation of the sunroof itself. As with most mechanical components, the Sun Roof Hdlng Trim Protector Ctr #2 (#63338-52010) needs periodic replacement to maintain its effectiveness. If neglected, an old or damaged protector may lead to degradation of the sunroof trim, which can potentially lead to leaks or impaired sunroof operation. Choosing a genuine Toyota part not only ensures full compatibility with your vehicle but also comes with the added assurance of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Remember, using original parts plays a critical role in maintaining the efficiency and safety of your vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 63338-52010

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