Roof Rack Leg Cushion Ctr Right Hand

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The Roof Rack Leg Cushion Ctr Right Hand (#63484-WAA01), a crucial Body part in the Side Moulding system, plays a vital role in bolstering the stability and secure placement of the roof rack on your Toyota vehicle. As its name suggests, this part provides a cushion between the leg of the roof rack and the vehicle's body, preventing potential damage or scratches. Genuine parts like the Roof Rack Leg Cushion Ctr Right Hand (#63484-WAA01) are essential for compatibility with your vehicle and benefit from Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Over time, the cushion may degrade or become damaged, impacting the secure attachment of the roof rack. A worn or non-functional cushion could lead to a loose roof rack, posing a safety risk and potential damage to the vehicle's body. Regular replacement of this part is crucial to maintain the safety and efficiency of the side molding system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 63484-WAA01

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