Roof Headlining Clip

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The Toyota Roof Headlining Clip (#63399-26070-C0), a critical Body part within the Inside Trim Board system, is integral to maintaining the aesthetics and integrity of a car's interior. This clip secures the roof headlining, an interior lining attached to the inside roof of the vehicle, ensuring it remains taut and in place during a vehicle's operation. As the Roof Headlining Clip (#63399-26070-C0) ages or gets damaged, the lining can sag or even detach, compromising the interior finish and potentially obstructing the driver's vision. Regular replacement of this clip is therefore essential to maintain vehicle safety and appearance. Using genuine Toyota parts like Roof Headlining Clip (#63399-26070-C0) ensures perfect compatibility with the vehicle. Additionally, Toyota backs its genuine parts with a warranty, providing customers with peace of mind. In sum, the Roof Headlining Clip (#63399-26070-C0) contributes to the overall system's efficiency and safety by ensuring the headlining is securely fixed, preserving the vehicle's internal aesthetics and preventing potential safety hazards.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 63399-26070-C0
Color Name Black

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