Roof Headlining Trim Clip

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The Body part, Roof Headlining Trim Clip (#63395-0E020-C0), is a vital component in the Console Box & Bracket system of your Toyota vehicle. This clip plays a crucial role in firmly securing the roof headlining, contributing to the overall aesthetic and functionality of the car's interior. With continuous use, this clip could wear out, become loose or break, causing the headlining to sag or come off, which can be unsightly and distracting while driving. Therefore, periodic replacement with genuine parts is vital to maintain compatibility and optimal performance. Toyota's genuine parts warranty backs all parts including the Roof Headlining Trim Clip (#63395-0E020-C0), providing assurance of quality and longevity. The Roof Headlining Trim Clip (#63395-0E020-C0) ultimately contributes to the vehicle's safety and efficiency, maintaining the integrity and compactness of the car's interior layout.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 63395-0E020-C0
Color Name Black

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